The basic philosophy of nutritional therapy is simple: The myriad of health problems that plague our modern world result from weaknesses in the body’s foundations.

This is a result due to:

  1. Something in the body that should not be there (such as an infection or a parasite)
  2. Something in the body that should be there and isn’t (such as deficiencies)
  3. One or more systems in our body are not working properly

A Master Nutrition Therapist’s job is to help reverse the ill effects on the body from poor nutritional habits, and reverse any deficiencies while supporting the basic foundations of your body. We will together design a meal plan, with minimal supplementation, that best suits your life to reach your optimal health.


Full Initial Consultation

We will cover the following on your initial consultation:

  • Full History of Symptoms
  • Nutrition analysis based on food diary
  • Blood chemistry analysis (if labs are available)
  • Goals assessed and recommended
  • Supplementation* recommendations, as needed
  • Nutrition and education materials
  • Emotional Components
  • Exercise Routine and
  • Other Alternative Options
All Supplementation product sales sold are not returnable and nonrefundable.

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