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Christi has done amazing work for me. My half-dozen sessions with her have greatly improved my psychological well-being, natural energy, and sense of spiritual health. One of the most impressive things about our sessions was the way Christi summoned, and expanded over time, my consciousness of my aura which I could actually visualize during the sessions and later do so at will. Thanks for the inspiring sessions and for the augmentation of my spiritual and energy skill sets!

Tony S.

I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve been working with Christi for 15 months now, and have seen SUCH a huge improvement in my health. I went from feeling like I was dying, to now being able to manage my allergies and be so in tune with my body that I can self-correct when I recognize something is off. I very rarely experience the severe pain I started with, and when I do, I can quickly figure out what I ate so I don’t repeat that mistake again.

Cathy B.